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Related article: From: Reply-To: Date: Sun, 1 Jan 1995 14:26:24 UTC Subject: Aegean Fantasy - Part 1 (Mm, Mmm, mm, pedo, cons) Aegean Fantasy - Part 1*****WARNING*****WARNING*****WARNING*****WARNING*****WARNING*****This story (that's all that is is...a STORY!) contains graphic descriptions of sexual activity between a man and boys. If these fantasies are not what "turns you on", then read no further.If you enjoy this story, I have written others and will post them if the response to this story is positive. Please reply by private EMail to: or post to the News Group: Do NOT post replies to as that News Group is for the story texts ONLY. is for the discussion of those stories.I will not respond to "flames", but welcome friendly, constructive criticism. I will not EMail copies of the stories to individuals and will not repost the stories unless the system obviously fails. If you don't know how to use your News Reader program to save articles for you, then read the manual!*****FINAL WARNING***FINAL WARNING***FINAL WARNING***FINAL WARNING***** Man/boy sexual fantasy begins below. AEGEAN FANTASY - Part 1 The cruise from Athens to Skiros took about four hours over glassy waters. The hot sun was getting low on the blue sea as we dropped anchor in the small island's port. The street vendors bustled with activity as each struggled to get first crack at the tourists' dollars. The gangway was slowly lowered and the hawkers flurried into fierce competition. The first of the Americans made their way to shore. "Hey, G.I., best sandals in island right heah." "Obah heah, G.I., deese hats dey goot and cheap, too!" "Dis flowah for you, G.I., gift from island Skiros. You like, you buy more." I pushed my way through the leeches to the back of the crowd. It was quieter here and I could get my first look at this green gem of an island from land. It was even more beautiful than I thought. Narrow cobblestone streets lined with small, clean shops and restaurants. All the people looked very relaxed and at peace. A couple of gray-haired old men sat on a stone bench playing dominoes drinking a clear liqueur and scratching their stubble. I wanted to get away from the tourist activity to a less populated area where I could take some photos and enjoy some solitude. After being on board a cruise ship for several days, you realize how much you need occasional privacy to refresh your spirit. I saw a vacant cab blocking a small alleyway. My luggage was getting heavy so I looked around for the driver. A short, squat man wearing shorts and an open white shirt was leaning against a door jamb talking with a young woman. I asked him how I could find the driver. The man jumped to attention, buttoned his shirt and said, "right heah G.I... wheah you goin'?" "I'm not really sure. I would like to find a small motel near the beach and away from all the crowds. You got any ideas for me?" "I know good place for you. Let me take bags, you hop in my cab. I take you to nice place to stay." The quiet pace of the village residents contrasted sharply with the furious pace of the taxi as the mad driver streaked down the narrow streets, one hand on the wheel the other hand over the horn button. He drove over curbs, drove through stop signs, forced pedestrians to jump for cover until he finally got out of the crowded little city. On the open road, the driver's pace slowed. I relaxed. We were on a two lane tar-covered road and I could see the beach to my right over the sand dunes. The sand looked bright red in the setting sun. To my left was a tall, dark and foreboding jungle. The driver spoke. "I take you to nice place called Ninos Lostos. Kind lady run dis place wit lots of good food for you to eat. Dis place small, clean and quiet. You like it, I bet. We almost dere, now." The driver turned off the tar road onto a packed white sand lane lined with tall trees and lots of green foliage. It was nearly dark as we approached Ninos Lostos. A small wooden sign with faded hand lettering noted our destination. Hanging from a white fence post, the sign swung lazily in the soft, warm breeze from the sea. The driver introduced me to the concierge, thanked me politely for the fare, and left my bags in front of the small office. I asked where the restaurant was, as I hadn't eaten since brunch on the ship. Ginos, the owner/operator apologized, explaining that the restaurant had closed at 7:30, about an hour earlier. She said that she would make me a special sandwich and bring it to my cabin, compliments of the house. She called her son, Carlos, to take my bags for me. A dark-skinned boy with clean, brown hair (I estimated him to be about eleven) appeared out Lolitas Top 100 of nowhere wearing flip-flops, gym shorts, a t-shirt with the sleeves and most of the body cut off and a broad smile. "Carlos, you take dis nice mon's bags for him to his cabin for him. Make sure he hab everything he needs and dat he be happy. Den, you come back and bring him his food." "Sure, Nana. Let's go, sir, you ready?" "Let's go, Carlos. Thank you", I replied. The slender lad struggled with my luggage, so I grabbed the camera bag and my shaving kit. Passing several cabins, I noticed how neat and clean everything looked. There were eight in all, each detached from the other, made of wood and painted white. A bare yellow light bulb hung in front of each door, marking the entrance. We walked by a humming antique Coke machine and an ice dispenser that leaked water on the sand creating a sloppy puddle. I had already walked through the mess before I realized it was there. I paused to wipe off some of the mud. "Don't you worry about dat, sir, I gib you shoeshine and special blow job only fibe dollahs, OK?" The boy's candid, business-like approach set me aback. Not knowing exactly what to say, I said, "sure, Carlos. I think I would like that a lot." I didn't realize at the time just how much I was going to enjoy his "special"! The boy passed me and I was able to get my first good look at his lean body. He had long, sinewy legs with strong calf muscles. His flip-flops flapped against the soles of his brown feet. His tight gym shorts caressed firm buttocks and crawled up Lolitas Top 100 into the cleft between his cheeks. I could just see the top of his crack peering out over the elastic top of his shorts. His cut-off shirt revealed a slender waist merging with narrow hips. Both of his hands held the handle of my large bag. As he limped along with my heavy suitcase, I offered to take it from him, but Carlos insisted that it was his job. Shoulder length hair covered his ears with soft brown strings that blew about in the gentle sea breeze of the warm evening. Carlos was a handsome, friendly lad. Arriving at my cabin, the boy opened the door, carefully put my suitcase down, turned on a light and opened a window. "I be right back wit you food, mister. You be happy, no?" The boy eagerly smiled and ran after my promised sandwich. I looked around the clean, cozy cabin and was quite pleased with what I saw. The bed was comfortable, the sheets were clean, the whole cottage, though threadbare, was as neat as a pin. I grabbed my bag and opened it, looking for something comfortable to wear. I opted for a quick shower instead. The bathroom fixtures were clean, but lightly stained with iron from the local water supply. The water was hot and felt soothing. I scrubbed all the day's dirt from my skin and pores. I dried off with the fresh smelling towel and stepped back into the bedroom. I was not expecting to see the young boy sitting there. Carlos sat in the chair next to the door. He was stripped down to his white undershorts. "You eat you food, then I eat you, OK?" His smile showed his gleaming teeth. "Sure, young friend, that would be great." I replied. I grabbed my tall sandwich, wolfed it down and guzzled my soda. I could hardly wait for the food to go down my throat so that I could experiment with this boy. "OK, Carlos, let's see what you've got there. Hop up on the bed with me. The boy jumped out of his chair and approached the comfortable bed. He slid down his briefs and exposed all of his sleek, young body for me to examine. I could at last see what a gorgeous youth I had in front of me. His uncircumcised penis was starting to enlarge. Firm testicles rolled about in his tightening scrotum. A tuft of dark pubic fluff had just sprouted above his rising shaft. I was surprised at how large the youngster's organ had grown in such a short time, but he was hot and heavy into early puberty; a time of frequent and unexplainable erections. The young boy stood totally nude before me in all his smooth innocence and I embraced his dark, narrow waist. As I started to lick the firm pectorals, his solid nipples brushed against my cheek. Sucking and relishing his dark, delicious teats, the lad started to stroke his dark purple erection against my stomach. A trace of clear fluid leaked from the pointed tip of his upright organ. I started licking my way down the lad's bare torso. Stopping at his not quite protruding navel, I paused and gave the tight opening a good going-over with the tip of my tongue. Continuing down the soft, brown flesh, I crossed the boy's flat abdomen with a stream of saliva. Nuzzling the small tuft of young pubic hair, I felt the child's hot, solid organ throbbing against my face. The lubricant leaking from it's tip, formed a long, clear string between my chin and Carlos' erection. The youngster's breathing quickened. I started up the long shaft with my wet lips. The young boy's penis was starting to pulsate. I had forgotten just how much sexual force could be contained in a lad undergoing puberty. As I pushed back the boy's foreskin with my tongue, the hot, solid organ instantly began to spray its seed. Carlos grabbed the back of my head with both of his hands. The naked boy shoved his shivering erection deep down my throat to inject his come. His breathing stopped as his firm young body started to shudder. I felt several heavy globs of hot fluid spurt out of the climaxing boy's penis. His fresh semen commingled with my saliva and I took a deep swallow. I didn't have time to savor the first emission before another giant wad shot out against the roof of my mouth. The nude stripling gasped for breath. Uncontrolled convulsions synchronized with his ejaculations. I kneaded the boy's solid, bronze buttocks with my hands as his belly banged against my face. This lad was in bliss, and so was I! Having cleaned his tubes, Carlos collapsed beside me on Lolitas Top 100 the bed. He rolled over on his back, flashed his big, brown eyes at me, grinning from ear to ear. His pearly white teeth gleamed against his dark face. The glossy, purple glans was slowly retracting into its soft sheath. "Golly, sir, you sure know how to make Carlos feel OK. I catch my breath real quick, then it be your turn to shoot come for me. This boy make you come like you never come before, you bet! I love to eat come! Just you lie back on bed and let Carlos do his magic tricks on you." (I loved this youngster's innocent delight.) When the nude youth said "magic tricks", he wasn't joking around! He pulled off my briefs and started licking the insides of my thighs with his warm, wet tongue. Starting at my left knee, he worked a wad of saliva up my thigh toward my crotch pausing to drool across my balls. Then, he slowly slipped his way back down the inside of my other leg stopping at the knee. Repeating this deliberate action several times had a profound effect on the size of my already erect penis. Carlos pulled my legs apart still further. His solid knees slid up the insides of my wet thighs. The naked, young boy huddled over and eased my rolling testicles about with his firm, wet tongue. Long, brown locks of clean hair whisked over my midsection. My sloppy wet balls made their way between the lad's lips and up into his mouth. The straddling youth caressed my scrotum and its contents while sucking gently. My throbbing penis ached for relief but the bronze magician tested my endurance. Carlos still had more "tricks" in store for my enjoyment. The nude youngster grabbed my erection with his slim fingers and encircled it at the base. The shaft slipped into the boy's tight mouth with ease. Knowing not to overexcite, Carlos massaged my precipice gently, slowly, deliberately with his tongue. I could have shot my wad at any moment, but this lad knew how to have me wait. My patience would be well rewarded, to be sure! Dribbling as much drool as he could collect on my dick, my nude, young friend got up on his knees and moved them outside of my hips. The bronze boy straddled my solid penis and carefully inched it up between his neat, firm cheeks. Slippery wet from saliva, the crown worked its way up, through his snug opening with ease. Once my glans was out of sight, the rest of the long shaft was able to glide effortlessly, all the way up, until I was deep inside the handsome youngster. Carlos paused for a moment allowing me to adjust my position beneath and inside of him. The boy grabbed my left hand and put it on his right hip. My right hand was to be used to fondle the young male's privates as he worked on mine. He then started to slowly rock back and forth on his knees, all the while retaining my swollen shaft deep within his sleek, brown body. Carlos hunched over top of me and Lolitas Top 100 began to lick my hard nipples with a wet tongue, maintaining the careful, deliberate gyration of his slender hips. I could feel his warm breath mixing with saliva as he slurped about on my chest. His brown locks added more sensation as they blended with the heated mixture now flowing over me. I felt that I was about to explode when the naked boy's breathing changed. He carefully knelt upright and held his breath, never stopping the pumping on my shaft still buried deep within his tight anus. I had been massaging the tip of his penis all this time without even realizing what I was doing. This nude youth was enjoying another orgasm! I don't know where all the energy and jism came from, but the boy's solid cock started to pulsate in my hand. I quickly took my other hand off his hip and gently held onto his organ with both hands. A quick rush of hot fluid shot out of the tip and hit me on my neck. Another jolt landed on my chest, blending with the wet mixture already there. His hard penis started to become slippery in my hands as the semen came out with less force now. What excited me the most was how the pumping motion of his hips never stopped. I could take no more...I had to shoot my wad, now! "Carlos, my young friend, make me come, now!" I pleaded with the nude lad on top of me. "Now, Carlos, please now!" No sooner had the words left my mouth than had the boy stepped up the pace of his exciting actions on me. The youngster bent over again and rubbed his face, cheeks and chin in the warm mixture of saliva and come on my chest. His slender hips churned harder Lolitas Top 100 and faster, harder and faster. In less than thirty seconds, I lost all control of my body's functions. I shook violently as my pelvis collided with the nude child. I was still clinging to his slippery erection with both of my hands. I started to sense relief deep within my stomach and I knew I was almost home. Convulsions overtook me as I started to come. I must have shot a quart or more of semen from my erection buried deep inside the young, brown body rolling on top of me. I shook violently and felt wonderful! As his Lolitas Top 100 final "magic trick", the nude lad lay flat on top of me. I had released my hold of his still solid penis. The rigid tube was sandwiched between both of our abdomens. Hot urine now streamed from its tip. I was deluged with a clear, warm liquid from this boy. The fluid streamed across my stomach and down my sides, forming a pool beneath me. I returned the favor while still within the nude youth. Come and piss dribbled out of the lad's tight opening and made its way to the hot puddle under me. "How you like Carlos magic tricks, sir?" the boy smiled and asked as he slid off of me. "That was great little guy! I don't think I've ever shot that much come before. Where did you learn those tricks, anyway?" "Oh, I learn a lot from my friend, Bunny. He live over on the south side of the island in de big hotel. Maybe we go visit him tomorrow? I like for him to meet you." The naked boy was sponging off my bed. "Hey, you like to go for swim now?" How could I resist a dip in the dark with the smiling, bronze lad? I said nothing, stood up and made my way to the cabin door. The closer we got to the inviting ocean, the larger my penis grew. Carlos held on to my again solid organ and pulled me toward the soft sand and gentle surf. His slender body glistened across the moonlit waves. I fondled the nude boy's scrotum and in just a few seconds he was erect again. Holding each other's sexual organs, we slid into the warm sea. We drifted out slowly into deeper water. The moon was full and bright. As the waves broke over his head, I could see Carlos' long, brown hair flowing in the phosphorescent waters. He released my penis and I let go of his. The brown-skinned boy dove into the water and swam between my legs. While under me, he playfully nibbled at my cock and nuzzled up my crotch. Surfacing behind me he stood up, shook back his hair and laughed. Turning around, I submerged and grabbed the naked young boy around his slim calves. Pulling him off-balance, I spread his long legs apart and flung them over my head. I held his knees and stood up. Carlos regained his balance and straddled my shoulders. He reminded me of a child sitting on his parents' shoulders straining to see a parade over the adults surrounding him. The nude lad twisted his legs around my neck and across my chest. He wrapped his arms around my head. I became very much aware of his erect penis. It felt hot and solid against the back of my neck. The youngster's stiff shaft was throbbing and I rolled my head back to feel it Lolitas Top 100 press up my skull. His laughing dissolved into a slow, deliberate gasping. Carlos was ready to come again, the third time in just two hours! My hands held his solid, brown thighs. The boy's lean hips started a violent pumping motion forcing heavy friction between the back of my neck and the sensitive glans, now fully exposed from its foreskin sheath. I could feel the long muscles in his legs contract faster and faster. His slim calves turned to stone as his toes pointed straight down. With the waves breaking around us, the nude youngster's breathing stopped, his sexual excitement increased with each hard pump of his hips. I knew it wouldn't be long, now! His buttocks firmed up across my shoulders. Every muscle in the brown, nude body contracted and he started to squeal. It is beautiful to play a role in a young boy's orgasm! Gasping for another breath, Carlos flung his hot wad between the back of my head and his flat, smooth abdomen. That precious fluid seeped down to my neck and onto my shoulders. The handsome boy's arms covered my face and his slow gasps became a brisk panting. More semen leaked off the end of the youngster's erection, causing my shoulders to become slippery and unstable for my young friend. I carefully helped Carlos around so that I could access his genitals with my tongue. He held on to the back of my head and started massaging his fresh come into my hair. His burning hot erection stood boldly in front of my face. It demanded my immediate attention, so I started daubing the fresh juices with the tip of my tongue. As an expression of his appreciation, more semen bolted out, leaving a hot trail across my shaking lips. Rather than swallow, I held his treasure in my mouth for use as additional lubricant on the boy's long, strong organ. Carlos' hot penis was on fire. I knew only one way to extinguish the blaze, so I slipped the excited lad's boner between my lips. The naked boy wouldn't wait for my gentle attention, so he pushed his burning cock in me as far as it could go. The shaft made its way deep down my throat with no effort. His tiny tuft of soft pubic fuzz tickled my nose and lip. He smelled so clean, fresh and young! I opened my mouth and sucked in his developing testicles and scrotum. Containing the boy's entire sexual works within me, I could use my tongue to probe about on the underside of his taut pouch. The duct which feeds his sparkling semen to the outside world was throbbing. At Lolitas Top 100 the same time, I was being blessed with an injection of his rich fluids. I sucked deeply on the firm, young organ. I wanted to draw out every hot drop of come that I could from the tip of my pubescent friend's penis. He obviously craved the same. I carefully milked Carlos of all the fresh juice he could yield. The youngster was contented and relaxed. He at last felt relieved and started to limber-up. The boy's erection became rubbery and pliant. As the organ made its way up my throat, I felt his glans slip back into it's sheath of tight, brown skin. Before withdrawing, Carlos squeezed his shaft with his slim right hand in order to coax his last delicious drop into my mouth. I savored what oozed from the slippery tip and stroked his precipice with my tongue. Reluctantly, I helped the boy uncouple himself from me. The brown-skinned lad to made his way around to ride on my back. His long legs wrapped around my torso and I slipped my arms around those slim thighs. The boy held me around my neck and I started to walk back to the shore. His penis was still not totally flaccid, and it slipped and Lolitas Top 100 rubbed against my back as I brought my new, young friend to the beach. We were out of the surf and on dry sand. I helped Carlos down from my shoulders and onto his feet. I fell on my knees in front of him. I softly kissed his precious privates and hugged him about his waist. What a gorgeous experience this had been! I could not wait to meet the boy who had taught Carlos how to cause so much pleasure in me. But I would have to wait, and I was certain that I would be well rewarded tomorrow when I enjoy Bunny. AEGEAN FANTASY - Part 2 I slept well that a rock. I was awakened at dawn by a knocking on my cabin door. I stumbled toward the door to be greeted by the brown boy. "Hey, sir. I thought that you might want to go to see my friend?" "I sure do, Carlos, give me a minute to get dressed and washed up. Won't you come in?" I held the door open and he stepped in. "Please have a seat. I won't be long. Say, Carlos, do you think we'll have time to take some pictures? I want to be able to take something with me when I have to leave to remind me of the beautiful time I'm having with you on the island." "Sure, man, we be glad to pose for your camera," the boy replied. Lolitas Top 100 He wore tight, faded jeans and a clean white t- shirt. Brown loafers covered his feet and a limp, red baseball cap was pushed over his long, brown locks. The boy looked eager to start on a new adventure to explore the world of sexual pleasure. I quickly dressed and washed, threw on some old shorts, sandals, and a comfortable shirt. We stopped by the door to the kitchen. Carlos ran in, brought out some doughnuts and two cartons of cold milk. We ate our breakfast on the way to the other side of the lush island. We passed some of the most beautiful foliage and walked along a quiet stream of crystal clear water. This little gem in the Sea was a true paradise. "Let's stop here for some pictures, OK?" "Sure, man, whatever you like, Carlos will do." "All right, friend, were going to do some jungle boy pictures. Start taking off your clothes over here by the stream. Just do what feels natural to you." "Hey, sir, I like to do that! I do it real slow." Carlos stepped over toward the clear water and slipped out of his loafers. He sat down and crossed his legs in front of him. My camera at the ready, I started to shoot the handsome young boy's body. The dark skin showed itself as Carlos pulled off his shirt. He lay back on the cool ground and looked up dreamily at the canopy of trees and blue sky overhead. Unzipping his shorts, he released the button around his slender waist. Carlos pulled up his knees, held his bare, brown feet flat against the ground and raised his hips. He slipped the faded shorts down his legs and over his knees. All that was left on the young boy's body were his clean, white undershorts. He slid them down around his ankles and extended his long, lean legs. His penis was growing erect, so he started to rub the palm of his right hand flat against the enlarging organ. The boy kicked off his undershorts and spread his legs apart. I couldn't believe that the youngster was naked again for me to enjoy. Could he understand how much pleasure he gave me by just letting me watch him have fun? The nude boy pulled up his Lolitas Top 100 knees, wrapped his long, slender arms around them and lifted his bare torso against his thighs. His erection jutted out from between his thighs and he gazed out across the blue waters in front of him. The handsome lad rose to his feet and strode over to the tall tree beside the stream. He straddled the tree, wrapped his arms around the trunk, spread his legs, tightened his buttocks and looked over his shoulder at me. He seemed to be enticing me to share in his fun. I knew I would, but that would have to wait until after the business at hand: capturing his handsome, young body on film. Carlos grabbed his shirt and draped it across his erect penis. He was leaning against the tree and lunging his sleek hips immodestly forward. The boy reached around his buttocks and pulled on the shirt. This forced his solid organ down, away from his firm body. As he pulled the cloth tighter, the sheath of dark skin drew back and revealed the bright red glans underneath. With that of silent invitation, I put down my camera, dropped to my hands and knees and crawled over toward the aroused, young boy. My naked playmate had seduced me again! I approached the exciting erection head-on. Letting it jab me in my eye and brushing my face across the now purple glans spread a slick lubricant over the bulb peeking out of it's dark sheath. Carlos dropped the towel and spread his legs. His feet buried in the deep sand, I held on to the back of his knees and started to lick his candy cane. The boy tasted sweet and fresh. He stroked his long fingers through my hair and started to pump his hips, forcing the plump erection in and out of my mouth. I forced myself to restrain the boy before the youngster lost control. "My handsome, young friend, we mustn't keep Bunny waiting." He smiled broadly, silently dressed and we proceeded on our journey. In about thirty minutes we reached the large hotel used by the rich tourists. I had stayed here several times myself. I was so glad that I had not gone there this trip, however. I would never have met my new, young friend! We reached the beach in front of the hotel. Carlos saw his friend, waved at him and ran. Bunny was busy with an expensive toy boat in the gentle surf. I got my first glimpse of the beautiful youngster. The golden blonde boy was knee deep in the water. Tight, red bikini swim trunks contained a compact mass. His dark blue eyes pierced me from afar. A green towel was thrown across his tanned shoulders. He smiled broadly at his friend and me. Carlos flipped off his loafers and waded toward his friend. "Bunny, you come and meet my new friend. He stays at Nana's place. He knows how to make me feel real good, too. Come here." He motioned toward the blonde boy. "Hi, sir. Do you like it here on the island?" "I sure do, Bunny. It's nice to meet you. Say, that's some boat you've got there." "It's a paddle wheeler. I got it for my birthday last year." "How old are you, Bunny?" I asked. "I turned fourteen last month. Would you like to come to the clubhouse with me and Carlos?" "You bet. Let's go." I could hardly wait to be alone with these two enchanting youngsters. Bunny slipped on his sandals. Carlos donned his loafers and we headed into the underbrush away from the hotel. It was quiet and cool in the dark woods. The two boys led me along a stream for a couple of miles. Carlos was getting warm as the day heated up, so he pulled off his shirt and jeans. The coffee-skinned boy looked so "native" clad in just his underpants. It was a true pleasure to walk behind him and watch his dark, developing body maneuver along the stream in front of me. His firm buttocks, supported by slender but supple thighs started to slip out of his briefs. His legs glided gracefully over fallen trees and shrubbery. The boys spontaneously stopped together at a chosen spot beside the brook. Carlos placed his hands on his hips and thrust his waist forward. His penis was getting erect but he needed to drain his bladder. Bright urine sparkled in the sunlight as it streaked from his growing erection. As the boy's organ grew, less liquid came out, changing from a stream to a spray to a trickle which flowed down from the tip, across his tight sack and down his dark leg. Bunny dropped down to his knees before his younger friend. The blonde boy lapped up the golden liquid from Carlos' bronze skin. He worked his way up the dark thighs, licking off the taut scrotum and now erect penis. The dark purple glans, peeking out of its casing, slipped into the creamy skinned boy's mouth. Sucking soft and slow, he moved the spindle in and out several times. Then Bunny stopped, kissed the flat brown stomach and stood up. "More later," he said. After another fifteen minutes of trekking through the thick woods, we came up to a sharp bend in the brook. On the side was an abandoned squatter's shack. With one room covered by a tin roof with a single door and window, it made a perfect sanctuary for the two young boys. There was a small clearing between the lean-to and the bank of the deep stream. Carlos dropped the clothes he was holding, flung off his shoes and ran for the Lolitas Top 100 clear water. Tearing off his undershorts, he dove in with a huge splash and an energetic scream, leaving Bunny alone with me. I turned to the blonde boy and studied his face. The fourteen year old was maturing quickly, but still preserved prepubescent beauty. Deep blue eyes pierced out from among some fading freckles. They penetrated me and I felt like I was quickly losing my self-control. His warm, knowing smile answered any doubts I might have had as to the sun-kissed boy's intentions. Without saying a single word, we both walked up the hill toward the cabin. We knew where to go, why we were going there and what we would do when we got there. I felt intoxicated and trembled with desire! The cabin was cool and had a heavy scent to it. It seemed private, and felt like heaven to me. I knew that I would soon be in bliss! The youngster beckoned me to undress. As I stripped, the lad's huge, blue eyes scrutinized me. When all my clothes were on the floor, he moved in front of me and fixed a gaze within my heart. The blonde boy wrapped his long arms around my bare torso, put his head against my chest and slowly stroked his warm ear and soft, golden tresses across my firm nipples. His locks felt like fleece as I ran my fingers through them. The boy's bright, moist tongue slipped out of the corner of his mouth and licked over my nipples. Moving off to my side, Bunny whisked his solid penis against my thigh as he straddled me. Thrusting his willowy hips forward, the boy forced his solid mass of hot, young vigor against me. I appreciated his generosity! My penis reacted instantly by shamelessly swelling up to an brazen erection. The lad took my left palm and pressed it against the back of his golden head. He took my right hand, spat into the palm, held it against his smooth, bare chest and slipped it slowly across his flat, creamy belly. Continuing down with my shaking hand, he coaxed me over his red bikini trunks and wrapped my fingers around the young erection inside. I gently compressed the boy's hot, stiff organ through his scanty, skin-tight Speedos. The tight cloth revealed all, but concealed him as well. I could track the movement of his two firm testicles and watch the young muscle between his thighs become more and more erect. Bunny, in return, began to fondle my giant penis for me. He spat into his own hand and slipped across the tip. His hand and fingers looked so small wrapped around my swollen cock. He could barely encompass my hot mass! The boy massaged the opening of my erection with his slippery palm. My knees began to buckle and I lost control. I needed to come! Bunny hunkered down in front of me. The youth gently clutched my scrotum with his fingertips and pulled my strained penis down. Drizzling hot saliva across the organ, he slurped the swollen glans between his soft, red lips. The exciting boy swallowed as much of me as he could. Slipping his fingertips up from my sack, he gripped my erection at its base and started to stroke me. I Lolitas Top 100 pushed my way through the blonde lad's lush tresses. His fluffy head bounced up and down on my dick. He felt so warm, so wet, so clean, so sure, so pure. I knew I loved this handsome, young boy! Lolitas Top 100 He apparently loved to suck on a hot, stiff penis, and he performed like a prodigy. He never had a teacher to coach him in sexual pleasures. He and Carlos learned on their own: nature's way. They knew what made each other feel good, and now they were eager to share their new-found experiences with me! The blonde boy obviously knew the value of patience when sexual excitement was involved; he stopped titillating me just before my climax. He withdrew my pounding penis from his soft mouth and rolled his tongue across me from my
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